Yamaha YB 100 (blue)

My first bike had a dented tank (which I later repaired and re-sprayed). I bought it when I was 19 years old and sold it for more than I paid after two years commuting 30 miles a day.

BMW R65 (silver-beige)

I looked for ages and eventually found this bike. It cost 980 and was my 21st birthday present to me. It was love on first ride. I still have it in the back of the garage and don't think I will ever part with it.

BMW R1150GS (silver)

I had not ridden very much for couple of years because I had been ill and my R65 was old and in need of some work. I was offered a test drive after saying that I thought trial type bikes were not for me because they are too tall and poorly balanced. A quick spin round the car park soon changed my opinion (at least of this model) and Paul ordered one for me the following week. Here is me taking delivery of it. He has since ridden it more than I have (sometimes with me on the back) so I made him get one of his own!