Kate's New Toy

Kate's new bike arrived 13/11/99. He was only a week late!

He was delivered to the dealers (Cooper Reading) on Monday (1/11/99):

[Photo of bike in crate]

Unfortunaly when we went to pick him up, he had failed his Pre-Delivery Inspection (front brake master cylinder failure). So we were only allowed to see him in the workshop:

[Photo of bike in workshop]

So we had to wait a week, while they fixed that! Finally, everything was ready and we turned up at the dealers to see him sitting outside waiting for us:

[Photo of bike outside Dealers]

After all the paper work, Kate was able to set off, at last:

[Photo of Kate on bike]

With a final goodbye and thanks to Tim:

[Photo of Kate on bike]

Kate and her new friend were off:

[Photo of Kate on bike]

[Photo of Kate on bike]