Current Bikes

We both ride BMW R1150GS's.

[Photo of Paul's R1150GS] [Photo of Kate's R1150GS]

Kate also has a BMW R65 (650 twin).

Previous Bikes

Paul's second BMW was a 1990 K100LT (4v) bought in September 1992. This bike was originally a K100RS (the sport version). However, the original owner wanted a touring model with the sport specification so had it converted.

[Photo of a previous bike]

Paul's first BMW was a 1985 K100RT. Bought new, it did about 80K miles before traded in for the above.

[Photo of a previous bike]


One our favourite ways of using the bike is to load it up, often with our camping gear, and go and visit various places.

In 1994 we went to Le Mans 24hr Bike Race, Yorkshire and the Cotswolds.

In 2000 we spent a fantastic fortnight in the Summer of 2000 in the South of France and Italian Alps, with some of the EuroPrez's.

In 2001 we had a long weekend away (for our wedding aniversary) in Lynmouth and Lynton.

We also attend various EuroPrez meetings:

As we were unable to make the Portugal EP meeting (in 2001) we attended a small informal meeting IEP3 in Germany 2001.

After a long period of not being able to ride, in 2008 I once again returned to Europe with a weekend in Belgium and Northern France.

Ride reports

Writeups of enjoyable rides:

Other bike related stuff

Various trips and things loosely related to bikes:

Bike related mailing lists

EuroPrez A forum for discussing Olives and Grappa and meeting up to consume them. Occasionally motorcycling might get mentioned.
The Village Idiots For all BOOFs.
Ixion A forum for all aspects of motorcycling in Britain.