Ixion Goes to Shuttleworth - 2003

Adamanda organised an Ixies do Shuttleworth trip.

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Shortly after we arrived, Mark turned up on "Rubarb and Custard". He parked next to a lovely three-wheeler and Adamanda took the opportunity for photos and posing.

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We wandered around hangers full of wondefull old planes, and other things.

115-1595_IMG 115-1596_IMG 115-1597_IMG
Then we wandered out to the farm passed these.

115-1598_IMG 115-1599_IMG 115-1600_IMG
Richimouses daughter works looking after the animals.

116-1607_IMG 116-1608_IMG
Then we had a picnic.

With lashing of ginger beer!

116-1610_IMG 116-1611_IMG
We watched some flying.

116-1612_IMG 116-1613_IMG 116-1614_IMG 116-1615_IMG 116-1616_IMG 116-1617_IMG 116-1618_IMG
Then we wandered around the hangers some more.

116-1619_IMG 116-1620_IMG 116-1621_IMG 116-1622_IMG 116-1623_IMG 116-1624_IMG 116-1625_IMG 116-1626_IMG 116-1627_IMG 116-1628_IMG 116-1629_IMG 116-1630_IMG 116-1631_IMG 116-1632_IMG 116-1633_IMG 116-1634_IMG 116-1635_IMG 116-1636_IMG 116-1637_IMG 116-1638_IMG 116-1639_IMG 116-1640_IMG 116-1641_IMG 116-1642_IMG 116-1643_IMG 116-1644_IMG 116-1645_IMG 116-1646_IMG 116-1647_IMG 116-1648_IMG 116-1649_IMG 116-1650_IMG 116-1651_IMG 116-1652_IMG 116-1653_IMG 116-1654_IMG 116-1655_IMG
We walked the flight line.

116-1656_IMG 116-1657_IMG 116-1658_IMG 116-1659_IMG 116-1660_IMG
Towards the end of the flying the weather deteriorated.

Just time for an IxieRally photo before the off.