Ixion Goes to Legoland - 2003

Handy agreed to herd the various Ixion cats through a trip to LegoLand, and a BBQ. Unforntunately, the Han part of Handy was not well, so we had to put up with the Andy part on his ownsome. Many thanks Handy for organising it.

After we had all been herded inside LegoLand - no mean feat
[Arrival] [Arrival]
[Arrival] [Arrival]
The Lego Miniland.
[Arrival] [Arrival]


St Paul's
[St Paul's] [St Paul's]
London Scenes
Note the BMW C1 (next to the bucket?)
[London Scene] [London Scene]
London Scenes
Trafalger Square and another BMW C1
[London Scene] [London Scene]
London Scenes
An Underground station
[London Scene]
London Scenes
The Post Office Tower and some construction
[London Scene - The Post Office Tower] [London Scene - Some construction]
London Scenes
The Trooping of the Colour
[London Scene - The Trooping of the Colour] [London Scene - The Trooping of the Colour]
London Scenes
Buckingham Palace and the Eurostar
[London Scene - Buckingham Palace] [London Scene - The Eurostar]
Down to Kent for Leeds Castle
[Leeds Castle]
Ixie's visit a Village Show in Kent
[Ixie's] [Kent Village Show]
Small harbour and Stonehenge (note the squids - more Ixies?)
[Small harbour] [Stonehenge]
Scotchland with a bike and a dramatic cliff rescue.
[Scotchland with a bike] [Scotchland with a dramatic cliff rescue]


Paris and the Moulin Rouge
(I didn't know there was a mountain in Paris...)
[Paris Mountain] [The Moulin Rouge]
Paris Scenes
Montmartre and famous Cathederal
[Montmartre] [Famous Cathederal]


Windmills, flat, and wet. What is wrong with that?
[Dutch country] [Dutch city]


A row of bars selling Jupilar and Stella. We had wondered where marvin got to...
[Paris Mountain]


The village with all the Campanille (Bell Towers)
Note the typical Italian scene...
[Escape] [Campanille]

The Rest of Legoland

Even the topary has lego...
[Canoest] [Canoest]
McFrame kicks some kid off the lego bike so he can try to get his knee down..
[McFrame kicks some kid off the lego bike]
[So he can] [try to get his knee down..]
They even catered to Adam with a display of Lego wildfoul.
[Lego Heron]
[Lego Ducks (Mallard)] [Lego Ducks and Swans]
Lego vultures and Ixies
[Lego vultures] [Ixies]
Lego books in the Lego Bookshop and a Lego boy rescueing a lego kite.
[Lego Bookshop] [Lego boy rescueing a lego kite]
Lego wildlife.
[Lego wildlife] [Lego wildlife]
AMazing Ixies.
Including a lost McFrame
[AMazing Ixies] [AMazing Ixies]
[AMazing Ixies] [AMazing Ixies]
Lego warning sign and Adamada posing with Lego man reading a Lego book.
[Lego wildlife] [Adamada poseing with Lego man reading a Lego book]
Lego Pirates and Ixies get wet.
[Lego Pirates] [Ixies get wet]
[Ixies get wet] [Ixies get wet]