IEP3, May 2001 - Germany

As we are unable to make it all the way to Portugal for the full EP meeting (EP6) this year, we joined the Informal EP (IEP3) in Kandel, Germany.

Fifteen bikes, their riders, and their families turned up at a wonderfull old post-hotel.

[Group photo]

Amoung the bikes, was Alex's immaculate outfit. Seen here at the rest stop in the Back Forest. Note this is the same place as we stopped during EP2. [Photo of R1100RS outfit]
[Photo some Europrez's] After the ride, we went to a Mexican restaurant in Karlsruhe. Here Tita is attacking Armand (spelling?) while everyone but Duner watches in amazement!
Carlo and Nicola deep in conversation. [Photo of Carlo and Nicola]
[Photo of Gabi and Zozzo] Gabi and Zozzo also deep in conversation.
Alex, Verna and Jim. [Photo of Alex, Verna and Jim]
[Photo of Alix and Silvia] Alix and Silvia having fun.
The bikes lined up outside the hotel.
Notice Giopad practicing his Le Mans start!
[Photo of the bikes outside the hotel]
[Photo Jerry on his R1150RT] Looks like Jerry beat him to it!
Ah, cute (Philippa von Rössing)! [Photo of a cutie]
[Photo of the bikes outside the hotel] The family von Rössing, with their outfit.
Verna on her R1150GS. [Photo of Verna on her R1150GS]

While the bikes were lined up, some people took the opportunity to take photographs:

Georg [Photo of a Georg Schaaf]
Tita [Photo of Tita]
Duner [Photo of Duner]

The next day we decided that we had had enough of riding, so went swimming (unfortunatly no pictures...). It was a great day out, made extra special by our hosts providing an excellent, and totaly unexpected picnic lunch at the pool. In the afternoon, we all met up and visted a castle.

[Photo Thomas and Iris] Thomas and Iris at the castle.
Sascha posing. [Photo of Sascha]
[Photo of some von Roessing's] Alix, Alex, and Emily von Rössing.
Matz, Kalle (spelling?) and Kate enjoying dinner. [Photo of Matz, Kalle and Kate at dinner]
[Photo of Carlo] Carlo caught with a camera at dinner.
Alex and Tita share a joke with someone who would be in the photograph if I were a better photographer. [Photo of Alex and Tita]
[Photo of Thomas and Zozzo] Thomas and Zozzo model EP hats.
Samarai Zozzo with grappa back at the hotel. [Photo of Zozzo]
[Photo of Zozzo] Zozzo with grappa and cigar.
Armand watches Gabi having fun on James (Kate's R1150GS). [Photo of Gabi on James]
[Photo of Gabi and Silvia] Gabi and Silvia having fun on James.
The next day, the GS contingent stopped off at Sascha's one the way back to Antwerp. [Photo of GS's at Sascha's]
[Photo of Victoria] One of the reasons we stopped was to see Victoria.
Victoria has a BMW engine. When she was built, BMW only made the engines. Shortly afterwards BMW started making bikes. [Photo of Victoria]
[Photo of Victoria] They start them young in the Leitz household!

By the way, if anyones name is missing, or spelt incorrectly, please accept my apologies, and let me know so I can fix it.